Sunday 18 August 2013

Inspirational Paper Rosettes for Wedding DIY

I always forgot what to call this 'thingy'. It is paper rosette! I've found a beautiful wedding deco using paper rosettes as backdrop via KaLice-Events website. I'm sure there are plenty similar design out there but I kinda like this one. Pinning my fav here in my blog...

source: KaLice-Events

DIY Paper Rosette from LemonJitters

Found a tutorial for paper rosettes DIY via LemonJitters website. She's using a scoring board for the paper rosettes. I still haven't buy any scoring board yet. *wishlist* But I managed to make few paper rosettes for a wedding last May. Will post up the photos soon. Did you DIY your wedding / engagement deco with paper rosettes? Feel free to share your DIY creations!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday 11 August 2013

Salam Aidilfitri 2013

Sorry, I've been on hiatus. Juggling between busy work, study and life :s Don't worry, I still ❤ crafting / cardmaking ! It's the 4th day of Raya Celebration and it's still not too late to wish you all out there a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Enjoy the ketupat, lemang, rendang and so many more... now I'm craving. Hehe...

Just to share few of my attempts to stamp a Hari Raya sentiments. I ordered few customized stamps from a local stamp company and bought alphabet clear stamps - Micia Crafts brand and tried on my newly bought papers from Daiso. Here's my raya stamping:- 

Ink used : Multi-surface Chalk Ink VersaMagic Ocean Depth
Works well with the clear stamps (Micia brand) and look a bit faded when stamped with the red rubber stamp (customized order stamp - Aidilfitri word)

Another attempt to stamp with Fade-resistant Dye Ink Memento Bahama Blue Ink - with customized red rubber stamps (Selamat / Hari / Raya / Aidilfitri - individual stamp). The words look faded with this ink. 

*Ignore the misalignment* :P  
Ink used: Fade-resistant Dye Ink Memento Bahama Blue Ink, Multi-surface Chalk Ink VersaMagic Turquoise Gem and a no-brand yellow ink

I can say that the chalk type inks work well with the stamps and the no-brand yellow ink is not bad too. I can't recall where I got the ink tho'. Spot anything wrong with the words in the last photo above? ( ) The word "aidilfitri" missing its "i" (*sobs*). That's all from me now... 

Till then, hope you have a blessed Eid and holidays!

Happy Crafting!