Wednesday 8 March 2023

Design a quote post with Canva for International Women's Day

Join me with this step-by-step on how to design a quote post from scratch/blank page for the theme International Women's Day. 

1. Open Canva: Log in to your Canva account or create a new one if you don't have one already.

2. Choose a template: Click on the 'Create a design' button and search for the 'Instagram Post' template. Choose the template that you like. I'm using instagram post, square (1080 x 1080 px)

3. Select a background: Click on the 'Background' option on the left sidebar and choose a background color or image that fits the theme of International Women's Day. I used white background for mine and added watercolour splash effect from the elements selection. 

4. Add a quote: Click on the 'Text' option on the left sidebar and select a font that you like. Type in the quote that you want to feature in the post. You add in quotes that you like or ask chatGPT for famous quotes and select from there. I am using this quote from Coco Chanel "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." I also added this year's theme which is, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality,”

5. Next, customize the quote: Use the editing tools to change the font size, color, and alignment to make the quote stand out.

6. Add a graphic: Click on the 'Elements' option on the left sidebar and search for a graphic or icon that complements the quote. Drag and drop it onto the post. I added peonies as it's my favourite flowers (tips for searching peony elements : type in peonies, peony leaves, line drawing peonies) 

This year's theme is, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality,” which highlights the role of innovative technology in promoting gender equality and meeting the health and developmental needs of women and girls. 

So, for the graphic elements, I searched for keyword "technology" and selected the image that suit into my quote design. And I also searched keyword "strong woman" and selected the graphic that I like to be in the design.

7. Then, customize the graphic: Use the editing tools to adjust the size, color, and placement of the graphic.

8. Lastly, download and share: Click on the 'Download' button at the top of the screen to save the post to your computer. You can then share it on your social media channels to celebrate International Women's Day!

That's it! With these simple steps, you can design a beautiful quote post to honor women on International Women's Day.

Here's my take with Canva to design a Happy International Women's Day!

If you would like to edit from this post or this kind of design, you can click here to edit. I'm usign canva pro for this design but you can use canva free to edit according to your style as well. Or else you can always try canva pro trial for free to see if your preference on using Canva. Hope you will enjoy designing it with Canva like me.

Woman’s Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves that fighting for our ladies is a very important thing to do. Support every woman around you and respect everything they do, because they deserve it.

Every life begins with a woman. We tend to forget about that. On this day, let’s thank every woman in our life and show them some love. Happy Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. It is also a day to raise awareness about gender equality and women's rights. In this blog post, with the help of my good friend "ChatGPT", we will explore the history and significance of International Women's Day and share some ideas on how to celebrate this special day.

The History of International Women's Day

International Women's Day has been observed since the early 1900s. It began as a day to promote women's suffrage and equal rights, and it was celebrated on different dates in different countries. In 1910, the idea of an International Women's Day was proposed at the International Socialist Women's Conference, and it was celebrated for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland on March 19, 1911.

In 1917, Russian women observed International Women's Day on March 8, which eventually became the official date of the celebration. This date was chosen because it was on this day in 1917 that Russian women gained suffrage and the right to vote. Since then, International Women's Day has been celebrated on March 8th around the world.

The Significance of International Women's Day

International Women's Day is significant for several reasons. First and foremost, it is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and recognize their contributions to society. Women have made significant strides in areas such as politics, education, science, and the arts, and International Women's Day is an opportunity to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Second, International Women's Day is an occasion to raise awareness about gender inequality and the challenges that women continue to face. Despite the progress that has been made, women still face discrimination, harassment, and violence in many parts of the world. International Women's Day is a reminder that there is still much work to be done to achieve gender equality.

Finally, International Women's Day is a call to action. It is a day to encourage individuals and organizations to take concrete steps to promote gender equality and empower women. This can include advocating for women's rights, supporting women-owned businesses, and mentoring and supporting women in the workplace.

There are many ways to celebrate International Women's Day. Here are a few ideas:

Attend an event: Many organizations host events to celebrate International Women's Day. Look for events in your community that you can attend, such as panel discussions, film screenings, or networking events.

Support women-owned businesses: Make a point to shop at women-owned businesses on International Women's Day. This can include everything from restaurants to clothing stores to bookshops.

Educate yourself: Take the time to learn about the history of women's rights and the current state of gender inequality. Read books, watch documentaries, or attend lectures to deepen your understanding of these issues.

Donate to a women's organization: There are many organizations that support women's rights and empowerment. Consider making a donation to one of these organizations on International Women's Day.

Advocate for women's rights: Use your voice to advocate for gender equality and women's rights. This can include writing letters to your elected officials, sharing information on social media, or participating in protests or rallies.

In conclusion, International Women's Day is an important occasion to celebrate women's achievements and promote gender equality. It is a reminder that there is still much work to be done to achieve true equality between men and women. By taking action and supporting women in our communities and around the world, we can work towards a more just and equitable society. Happy International Women's Day!