Thursday 12 January 2023

How to Get Creative with AI image and Amazing Mockup in Canva

I was curious with AI image creation and stumbled upon and got excited as I first started created one image then to another image. The excitement began with curiosity of the idea in your mind and what will be the outcome of the image. As everyone has different imagination and ideas, I believe there will be no same images that can appear (unless probably if you can copy the exact same prompts? I'm not sure about that). Anyhow, here is one of my first AI image from . You can go to their website and create for free. If you decided to explore more, you can login and they will give free credits everyday for you to claim. Fun right? 

So, the next step that I thought of after creating this image is to edit it in Canva.  One of the feature that I discovered and like in Canva is the smartmockups tool. I just discovered about it when I was designing a wedding table signage and wedding invitation card where I would like to see how will the design fit. With this AI image, I tried and did a mockup of a mug with the image in Canva. However, this feature can only be used in Canva Pro. But you can always try their Canva free trial for 45 days  without any charges. I think they offered that for a limited time offer. I started with their free Canva and then Canva pro trial after.  Here is how the mockup page looks like. Basically, you can select type of mockup that you want and just drag and drop your design to it.

Here it is the design on a mug. So, you can actually send your design creation to a mug printer shop and get your desired image on it. Imagine the endless possibilities that you can do depending on what you like. It could be printing your AI creation images on your notebook cover, tags, stickers, planners, pillow case and so on.

After seeing the mug, I have another idea... which is to make another mockup of my computer table with the imagination of using the mug with my AI beautifully created image. Here it is... tadaaa.... 
So, next time you have an idea or image creation that crossed your mind, don't forget to create it or you can even create something from it and make it as a personalized gift to your friends or loved ones.

Where is my coffee mug? Can you spot it? Wordings designed in Canva too (they have a wide varieties of font types and style and colours too!)

Hope you enjoy to learn about this smartmockup tool in Canva as much as I did and I am still learning and exploring. 

Let me know what feature or tool did you discovered first in Canva. Don't forget to start with their free Canva if you would like to have a peek on it first.

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