Saturday, 1 October 2022

It's A Boho Themed October!

Designed a boho theme using Canva. Took me quite some time to edit, select the element, adjust, selecting the fonts, colours, transparency, position of the elements to create this design. Another exploration of boho design using Canva. There is so much more to learn in Canva.

Here's to wishing everyone a Happy October! 

May the start of October remind you: you are worthy of new beginnings. You are worthy of finding joy in this season, no matter what is still unknown.

You are worthy of being able to look beyond all of the things that did not go according to plan, knowing that no matter what fell apart, there is still more ahead. As sure as the evening sky eventually surrenders to the morning horizon, may you know that the past has surrendered to the present and you are free to live fully, right here, where you are.

Let October be a place of new beginnings. Take what you have learned and apply it to something new. Things will be different here, but all if it will shape you. And perhaps that can be a beautiful thing. Perhaps in all of these unknowns, you will only learn something.

 wordings from morganharpernichols

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