Thursday 15 November 2012

| Tutorial | Christmas Tree with Buttons

Hi Lovelies,

I've made a simple and short tutorial on one of my Christmas card preparation. This is my first and also specially made for theartsycraftsy.  I have to admit that I'm not good at giving tutorials as all my cards are 'impromptu'. So, I've picked one of my simple 1-2-3 easy-to-do card and hope this inspire you! I just love buttons and more buttons pls... They are too cute for almost anything. For all button lovers out there, agree with me? I took the photos below with a phone camera (or camera phone?),  hence the quality / resolution. 

x'-button-mas tree

[1]  For this christmas card, I've chose to make a christmas tree with a mix of floral/flower buttons and also mini buttons. The colours are a mix of pastel green, yellow, yellowish-green, red and pink. (You can choose any of your favourite buttons and colour)

[2]  Take a green cardstock and draw a simple christmas tree (or you can print from a free christmas tree template)

[3] Cut the shape of your christmas tree and start sticking the cute buttons on the 'tree'.  I stick a yellow button on top of the tree representing the star ornament.

Now that you've completed the 'Christmas Tree', you can stick it on your card and give it to your loved ones.  Nothing is more meaningful than sending a handmade card, right? Below is my completed card.

I embellished the card with washi tape of red/white diamond patterns, red ribbon and red/white twine on the center. This gives a simple and neat look type of Christmas card. If you need more details on the card below, feel free to write to me. :) I hope to improve my cardmaking tutorials over time. Till then, Happy Crafting! 

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