Saturday, 5 May 2012

To DIY Bridal Hanger?

What do you think? I've been drooling over tons of websites with DIY bridal hanger. Look what I've found from google images.; plenty of beautiful bridal wire hangers, custom-made with bride's name or with the word 'bride', 'mrs', and anything you can think of. It was not in the plan to DIY this but I think my hand is itchy and I'm reallly eager to try this out. 

source: google images

See the lovely wedding gown with the custom-made wire bridal hanger "♥ do"

"Bride' bridal hanger

Beautiful initialed hangers (it's very easy, refer to the link below for the diy tutorials)

I love all the ideas using initials, ribbons, embellishment, wire and so on. I am still thinking if there's any other method that I can do for the bridal hangers like the above. Let's wait and see. 

Stay Tune! 

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