Monday, 14 May 2012

Inspired: DIY Wedding Card Box

Hello there!

Today, I am inspired to do a wedding card box for my sis' wedding which is just around the corner. That's fast! I thought I have more time to add-on more wedding stuffs to it. Hopefully I can make it. Yikes... Below are few of the creative ideas diy-ed by other bride-to-be from all around the world. You can click the link in the 'credit to' to view their page/original site. I'm pinning it here for own view and for inspirations. The first two wedding card boxes look elegant with satin-finish look. I like it but I am not really good at making round box and I don't want to spend on a plain round box. So, I will probably stick with square boxes.

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This is polka-dot inspired wedding card boxes with round boxes and green polka dots.

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Simple and neat with elegant feel of a square-type wedding card boxes.
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Another polka-dot inspired wedding card boxes added with 'character' to it with some monograms and polka-dot ribbons.
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Ok. I'm ready for my next project - DIY Wedding Card Box! 

Are you inspired yet? You better be  :)

Have a great day ahead!

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