Monday, 16 April 2012

Yellow & Green Paper Ribbon

My first trial on paper bow - Yellow paper bow ribbon inspired by pink polka paper ribbon from When you're damn stressed  at your workstation, what you should do is simply find any waste paper around you and start cutting and folding. I found this used yellow paper and tear it with ruler because I'm lazy to use the scissor. My yellow paper ribbon looks different from the tutorial (below) because I didn't cut into different length of strips. That's what you'll get if you don't cut into different length. 

For the green ribbon, it was a random one, you can just fold over each other (the strips of papers) and form as many loops as you want. Pinch the center part with a tape or stapler and cover center of the ribbon with another paper. That's the easiest paper ribbon that you can do instantly. Make an upside-down V-shape for the bow tail and attach it to the back of the ribbon. Voila!

Image credit: almostneverclever

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